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Healthy Habits: All Things Health & Fitness
Written by Marc Charlton, personal trainer

Let’s admit it, we have all attempted to re-invent ourselves at some point. The reason may have been a distant New Year’s resolution, a break up, or even a quarter-life crisis (trust me, the latter does exist). Whatever the reason – be it the enviable bodies, lifestyles or hashtags plastered across social media – it is understandable that so many of us feel the pressure to change.

When attempting to make these changes to our body and mindset the mantra is often “go hard or go home”, meaning that many of us end up back at home feeling deflated after one failed attempt. Luckily, there is a new way of kick-starting your lifestyle reboot and improving your self-esteem. Introducing #HealthyHabits: an effective step by step method aimed at stopping unhealthy eating habits in their tracks.

The suggested time frame for breaking a bad habit varies, however, a month should be ample time to take it comfortably and be methodical. Let’s consider the “cuppa tea” analogy: when preparing a brew you wouldn’t lump all the ingredients into the cup at once and the same applies to making bodily changes. When tackled in stages you too can reach your individual body (or brew) goals.


The Plan

  • List each month starting with the current.
  • Next to each month jot down 12 bad dietary habits (BH) beginning with the worst offender.
  • Next to each bad habit create a good dietary habit (GH) to replace it.

Below are some examples to start you off:

BH: Dessert after dinner every night

GH: Cup of peppermint tea after dinner

BH: Unhealthy convenience food at lunchtime

GH: Prepare lunch the evening before

BH: A beer every night after work

GH: A diet soft drink Monday to Thursday and a beer on Friday

HAPHAZARD SHOOT1122bIt’s fine to ask friends and family for their input when it comes to figuring out your habits but don’t bite their heads off if they reveal some home truths. Research shows it is more effective to replace a bad habit with the healthier option rather than eliminating it completely, which is why #HealthyHabits is so effective. Only tackle one bad habit at a time and over the duration of a year you will have curbed your biggest offenders.


HIIT Me Baby
When it comes to fitness this effective fat burning HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine will help you drop body fat while increasing your heart rate, and all from the comfort of your own home:

Stepper – Using an aerobic step or simply your stairs at home, step up and down for 30 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds.

High knees – In an open space, jump on the spot from one leg to another, lifting your knees as high up to your chest as possible while maintaining an upright posture. Rest for 20 seconds.

Fast feet – On the spot, quickly move your feet up and down and attempt to tap the floor as many times as possible within 30 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds.

Repeat each exercise three times.

But don’t get ahead of yourself, warm up and mobilise before attempting an exercise. If you have any underlying health issues remember to consult your GP first.HAPHAZARD SHOOT0478b

For more health and fitness content and a free printable #HealthyHabits template, go to facebook.com/personaltrainermc.
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