Model Spotlight:

Jacky F @ Leni’s

Every month Haphazard Magazine showcases an up and coming model in the industry, getting to know the brains behind the beauty as they share with us some words of wisdom and amusing anecdotes from their career so far.


Photography & Retouching: James Fickling
Hair & Make-up: Lynda Darragh
Styling: Models own
Model: Jacky Fideles

Tell us about your beginnings, where were you born?

I was born in São Paulo in Brazil

How did you get into modelling?

It has always been my dream to become a model, even since childhood. When I was old enough I went with my mother to visit some agencies, but did not have much luck early on!


What do you get up to outside of modelling?

I like to go out dancing, reading, watching movies, cooking, going to church – things that make me relax.

Who are you eager to work with?

I would love to do Elie Saab, Guess amongst others. But I believe that everything happens at the right time.


What issues do you care strongly about?

Violence in general makes me very upset, because every day more people are losing love and respect for one another.

What beauty regime do you swear by?

Caring for you mind, body and spirit is fundamental. All the love we have within us must come out to become more and more beautiful. Also with the help of some creams, of course!

Who do you idolise?

God above all! And my parents, who have suffered a lot to raise me and my brothers, they are absolutely everything to me!

What do you enjoy most about modelling?

I love being able to give life to a piece of clothing. Every emotion that I can pass makes me very happy. Modelling is much more besides wearing something beautiful, it’s an art.

Finally, what words of inspiration do you have for somebody wanting to get into modelling?

If it really is your dream, give everything your maximum effort to make it happen. And listen to your heart, be completely deaf to the people who will say that it is impossible. If you believe and love what you want, you can get!


This editorial was shot at Sunset Studio in Peckham, London.


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