Model Spotlight:

Savio @ AMCK

Every month Haphazard Magazine showcases an up and coming model in the industry, getting to know the brains behind the beauty as they share with us some words of wisdom and amusing anecdotes from their career so far.


Photography & Retouching: James Fickling
Hair & Make-up: Lynda Darragh
Styling: Models own
Model: Savio

Tell us about your beginnings, where were you born?

I was born in the lovely Caserta, Italy which is close to Naples in the south but was raised in Parma, northern Italy. I moved to London in May 2015.

How did you get into modelling?

I was working at a shop in London’s Carnaby Street last June and was scouted by ASOS. So I started my real (I say “real” because I modelled for about a year when I was very young in Milan) modelling career then and few months later I signed with AMCK Models.


What do you get up to outside of modelling?

I love to live a healthy lifestyle, so when I’m not working I like to workout at the gym or in the park. Whether it’s going for a walk or run, or a swim in the pool, sport makes me feel relaxed.

I’ve worked in retail for about seven years and it is something I am very passionate about, so for a few hours each weekend I work as a stylist; it’s great for earning some extra pennies too.

In addition to this, I am helping some friends in Italy with a new streetwear brand they have started.

Who would you love to work for?

I would like to work with a famous global brand – I don’t have a specific name – it would just be great to feature in some of the biggest windows around the world.

What issues do you care strongly about?

I really don’t get racism! I just can’t understand how a person can judge another based on their skin colour, culture, religion or sexual preference. Just by moving from the south to the north of Italy as a child I experienced racism. People seemed to think they were better than me just because my accent was difference and my face unfamiliar which really affected me.

I like London though, every city should be like this one. Everyone collaborates together and it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your preferences are.


What beauty regime do you swear by?

As I said, I like to live a healthy lifestyle so I work out and eat clean. I love to cook healthy, delicious recipes, and trust me, a healthy meal is far tastier than a double cheese burger!

I also take care of my skin. My image (maybe this sounds weird or vain to people that are not in this industry?) is my golden ticket to the next Job.

Who do you idolise?

My Parents, I’ve learnt so much from them. They taught me to concentrate on the target, whatever it is, and work hard to reach it. But on the other hand, always smile and enjoy life, it’s the only life you get so enjoy every second of it.

What do you love most about modelling?

Modelling has been my dream since I was young. I love everything about it, from the casting to when the photos are released or the show has wrapped.

What advice would you give to anyone who dreams of becoming a model?

Contrary to popular belief this career isn’t just about looking cool in front of the camera, modelling goes much deeper than that, especially in the beginning. Prepare yourself for the rejection and harsh criticism that comes with the job, but never forget to be yourself, you can be a great model if you remember this. From your style and ideas to your voice and the way you move – the fashion world loves “real” people first and foremost.

What is the highlight in your modelling career to date?

Opening the show for the London Collection Man last January was so exciting. The atmosphere behind the scenes was truly special, and walking in front of all those people under the spotlight was awesome – it was a dream come true!


Do you have any amusing modelling tales you can share with us?

I was shooting a lookbook along with a female model and went to the fitting room for an outfit change. When I was dressed I realised the top I had on was far too small for me and a touch feminine but decided to turn a blind eye. I came out and began preparing for the camera when suddenly everyone realised I’d picked up the wrong top from the stylist’s rail. It was so funny because the brand had really relaxed streetwear aesthetic. That top looked really cool on me though, Haha!

What do you have to say about the style trends of the moment?

I’m a lover of monochrome tones, I’m always wearing black, white and grey shades, so I’m happy grey is going to trend this summer. I also like caps so it’s good to see the baseball cap is a big trend this year, if it was in grey then it would be even better!

This editorial was shot at Sunset Studio in Peckham, London.


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