Model Spotlight:

Terra Jo @ Leni’s

Every month Haphazard Magazine showcases an up and coming model in the industry, getting to know the brains behind the beauty as they share with us some words of wisdom and amusing anecdotes from their career so far.


Photography & Retouching: James Fickling
Hair & Make-up: Lynda Darragh
Styling: Models own
Model: Terra Jo

Tell us about your beginnings, where were you born?

I was born in Boulder, Colorado but my mom moved my siblings and I before I was a year old to be raised near Tacoma, Washington.

How did you get into modelling?

I always pranced around entertaining the household and myself. Whether I was making faces in the toaster, strutting down the hallway in some outlandish outfit, or pulling out my best aaliyah performance for my stuffed animals. I dreamed of Los Angeles and one day I packed my car with $500 in the bank and no fear in my pocket. I knew Id find my way.


What do you get up to outside of modelling?

I keep it creative. I’m constantly inspired by my environment. I love to take walks to observe the beauty around and recharge. I do loads of writing. Especially at night. I love to draw, take photos, and play my djembe drum. Just a little over a year ago I picked up dance. Any expressive release/outlet is most satisfying for me.

Who are you eager to work with?

I may sound like a bit of an ass but honestly no one and everyone. I’d say I was eager in the beginning but I’ve learned that I get further by not fixating on specific egotistic ideas but rather just do me and allow what comes to come.


What issues do you care strongly about?

Poverty. Oppression. Addiction. Violence. The list goes on. I sit and drive myself mental with worry. The question I’m learning that is most important isn’t how to fix it all but rather focusing on one at a time and asking myself “what am I doing each day to help?”. Instead of looking like this grand “I cant save the world” task, you’ll find there’s a lot of little things you can do to make a big impact on peoples lives.

What beauty regime do you swear by?

Hmm.. Water is key! But just as equally, so is your state of mind.

Who do you idolise?

All humans. We are complex creatures that are capable of absolutely anything and carry such empowering stories to get there.

What do you enjoy most about modelling?

Traveling & experiencing new cultures has been the most rewarding & growth for me working in this industry. But in modelling itself, I enjoy working with close open minds on passion projects. I feel like I get to be a better part of the creative process to tell a story and less of a product myself to sell an image.

Finally, what words of inspiration do you have for somebody wanting to get into modelling?

Just be you. That goes for anything you want in life – authenticity is key! I tried so hard in the first few years of my career trying to be what I thought people wanted. I wore 5-inch heels to compensate for my height and tried to be this baby giraffe. The moment I put on my converse, decided to show my true personality and got rid of the ridged bitch, I started booking. When you accept yourself is when others follow.


This editorial was shot at Sunset Studio in Peckham, London.


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